Mar 23-We are almost at full protocol, only 1 item missing…

Dr. Eiesen’s book, Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer, arrived yesterday morning. I quickly skimmed through the recommended supplements and made my list. Of the two main recommended items, I was unfortunately only able to find one. Avemar and AHCC are used to help the immune system. Avemar is made of a form of fermented wheat germ, and is touted to be devastasting to cancer cells. In animal studies it has reduced tumor development by up to 70%. Avemar is the one I can not locate. The wonderful women at the health food store are looking into getting me some as it needs to be refrigerated and I can’t locate a Canadian supplier. I need it soon though. I did locate AHCC-Active Hexose Correlated Compound. AHCC boosts the activitiy of natural killer cells by up to 300%. Natural Killer cells DESTROY the bastard cancer cells. (you can also consider Beta Glucan as a subsitute for AHCC. I found the AHCC no problem so I didn’t even look for it)
Cassie at her healthy weight, is 44 lbs. She is hovering around 40. This is what I am giving her daily (in the order of estimated efficiency)
2 x a day 1/2 cup plain yogurt with 1tbs flax oil and 1000mg capsule salmon oil
IP-6 Inosital 500mg-cancer cells have high amounts of iron, this removes excess iron specifically from tumor cells.
Turmeric 1tbsp-An indian spice that contains curcumin which has been shows to destroy cancer cells
Astragalus 940mg-immune enhancement
Essiac Tea 250mg-has the cancer killing ingredient Sheep Sorrel
Cat’s Claw 940mg-another immune enhancer
Milk Thistle 2caps-protects liver from toxic damage
Shark Cartilage-750mg claimed to reduce blood flow to tumors which shrinks them
The cost of all that plus a GIANT bottle of flax oil was $250.

You’re probably wondering how the hell you give a dog all this stuff. Everything except the milk thistle is powder in capsules!!!! I make her food in large batches. In the morning I take what I am giving her for the day, break everything open, stir it up and she gets half for breakfast and the other half for dinner. Last night I put a pack of chicken thighs along with sweet potatoes and broccoli in the slow cooker. When it was done I mixed in green peppers. I think she approved


I never asked the Dr what grade or her life expecanty. At first I didn't want to know. My mindset was my dog is going to die, I don't want to know when. I have decided I am going to ask so I will know if the road we are taking does have a positive impact. I started this blog to try and help others. I hope that if this does work, someone else can save their pet the trauma of chemo by taking this route. Here are some shots from the park yesterday. This dog loves life. It's so unfair hers it going to be cut short,





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